Why Security Screens Don’t Work Against Ram Raiding

In the surveillance video below, you can see how easy it was for these thieves to ram raid straight through a security screen. Unfortunately for the thieves, their exit was not that easy, the BMW struggled to reverse through the shop’s shutters, needing several attempts before escaping successfully.

Most security screens or shutters are made from light materials, so when a vehicle is driven at speed into them, most buckle like a deck of cards and this allows easy access for the perpetrators.

In the footage below, the Apple store has invested in an expensive security screen, but this has not stopped a vehicle from ram raiding right through the screen. Even though the perpetrators had trouble exciting the premises, they eventually got away. This left the store in a mess and caused thousands of dollars damage. If you’re serious about security DON’T use Security Screens. They won’t stop ram raiders getting inside your shop/factory/premises.

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