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My most popular bollard products are listed below.

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Protection Bollards - Rhino

Protection Bollards - Rhino

Bolt down bollards. These super strong units are ideal for car parks, elevators, gas utilities and so much more. This beauty comes with a lifetime warranty and can be customised to suit your needs.

The Bulldog - Collapsible Bollard

Bulldog Bollard - Collapsible Bollard

This bollard is a beast. It's virtually indestructible and is ideal for protecting car parks and unwanted vehicle access. Its key feature is the fact that it is collapsible, while still remaining super strong. Perhaps the strongest foldable bollard in Australia.

The Shug Rebound Bollard

The Shug Rebound Bollard (SRB)

The Rebound Bollard absorbs impact from vehicles - minimising damage to both the bollard and vehicle. Ideal for heavy traffic areas like factories and car parks.

The Shug Removable Bollard

The Shug Removable Bollard

The Shug Removable Bollard is a versatile unit ideally suited to avoid ram raiding crime. Perfect for factories or businesses that want super protection after business hours.

Permanent or Ram Raiding Bollards

Permanent or Ram Raiding Bollards

With my Permanent and Ram Raiding Bollards you’ll scare even the most confident intruder.

The Aussie All-Rounder

The Aussie All-Rounder

Australia’s Strongest and Best Priced Bollard. The Aussie All-Rounder is the best value bollard I’ve ever made.

Custom Bollards & Barriers

Custom Bollards & Barriers

Got something a little different? Then let me tackle it with a custom design job. Contact me to discuss.

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