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If you need any sort of bollard Shug is your man. Here's a bit more information about him...

James (Shug) Strachan

Hi there, my name is James Strachan but everyone calls me Shug. My Grandfather started calling me that name when I was a wee lad and it’s kinda stuck. So please call me Shug.

I’ve been a metal fabricator and metal artist for years. If it can be made from metal then I’m your man. My family thinks I’m the “Mr. Fix it” person and I suppose I am. I’ve got a knack of working things out and then finding a solution. And if that means having to make something from metal, then it’s all good.

So how did I start with these parking bollards?

I got a call from my cousin one day and it went sort of like this,

“Shug! You need to help me, these ^&*%$*# people keep stealing my car spot. It’s driving me mad!”


Shug in his Melbourne Bollard Workshop


This situation was getting to him. He’d work all day and be looking forward to a relaxing night with his family, only to get home and see some thief in his park. He’d have to find a park in the street, sometimes miles away!

So I dreamed up a parking bollard (at this time I didn’t even know what a bollard was) and made a rough model out of some scrap steel. I gave it a lick of paint and bolted it in. To my surprise it did the trick. Cuz’s park was safe once again.

This success created a little problem.

Other tenants in his apartment block wanted a bollard. And then they told their friends and word spread. Before I knew it my workshop was converted into a parking bollard production house.

That was a few years ago now. Since then I’ve added to my product list and have an entire range of bollard devices that will keep you out of trouble. Here’s some of what I do,

  • Parking Bollards
  • Protection Bollards
  • Ram Raiding Protection
  • Rebounding Bollard
  • Custom bollards and barriers

All of my products are made here in my Mooroolbark workshop. I’m obsessed about quality. Nothing bugs me more (other than car park theft) than those cheap and nasty imports from overseas.

I use quality Australian steel and accessories. All of my designs have been engineered by me and have been thoroughly tested. All units come with an unconditional guarantee and I stand by them. If for some silly reason they don’t live up to your standards or they fail in any way, I will personally ensure they are replaced or your money refunded.

I’m also a bit of a nutter for service. After years in the industrial market I know the bad reputation many businesses have. I work hard to ensure I’m not one of those. I answer all emails and respond to your calls quickly. I like to work hard and make sure you have your issue solved.

If there’s anything custom you want made then let me know or call me on 0402 178 986. My workshop is set up to cater for all sorts of jobs, both big and small. I’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

That’s about it from me. Thanks for visiting and be sure to let me know if you need a hand.

Call me on: 0402 178 986 or via email on this page

James (Shug) Strachan

P.S. I’m also available to come out to your home/business to take a look and offer my recommendations.

P.P.S. I love doing custom work, so please don’t hesitate to call if you have something out of the ordinary.

P.P.P.S Find out more why you’ll like doing business with me.

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