Stop Ram Raiding with Permanent Bollards

Stop any vehicle in its tracks with a permanent bollard from Shug. Made to be super tough, you can rely on these bollards to protect against ram raiding attempts.

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Permanent Bollards
permanent bollards Melbourne

Permanent Bollards in Melbourne

Ram raiding is a serious crime. Brazen thieves, usually in a stolen vehicle, will drive straight through the weak point of your shop or premises. The weak point is typically your front door or windows.

It's time to fight back. With Shug’s permanent bollards in Melbourne, you can scare even the most confident intruder. If they catch a glimpse of these bollards, they'll pack their bags and head somewhere else. When ram raiding bollards are installed right, getting caught is hardly their concern but death is.

Your Best Defence Against Ram Raiders

Listen up: security cameras, alarms and even night security aren’t good enough. Thieves aren't turned off by cameras − they can wear hoodies and balaclavas to get past them. They also don't care about loud noises − they're focused on your property. And they couldn't give a stuff about a security guard − they know he's 5 minutes away, and they're only going to need 3 minutes to steal what they want.

Yep, traditional security measures don't stack up. You've gotta’ get serious, and the most serious protection you can find is a ram raiding bollard.

Shug’s ram raiding permanent bollards in Melbourne are made to last. They're rust protected and can be painted in any colour that suits. Reflective markings can even be added to make them stand out at night, plus options are available ranging from 100mm to 320mm in diameter

If you're even slightly worried about ram raiding, chances are you're a prime target. Contact Shug today if you need to:

  • Protect against ram raiding
  • Stop Vehicle Access
  • Protect Your Staff and Premises
  • Deter Ram Raiders

Permanent Bollard Specifactions

Weight: varies on diameter and length
Diameter: 100mm to 320mm
Height: Custom heights and lengths available
Material: 250 grade steel
Protection: Galvanised
Colour: Custom colours upon request

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