Permanent Bollards for Disabled Parking Bays

When planning or constructing a new car park, you need to make adequate provision for drivers and passengers with disabilities.

Australian Standard AS2890.6 specifies that disabled parking bays must include a shared common space for safe transfer to and from vehicles. Vehicles equipped to enable side access for wheelchairs and other mobility devices require sufficient clearance.

The common area can be on either side of the parking bay, or it can be shared between two spaces. The specifications can be seen below (click for detail):

Left hand disabled car parking spaceDouble disabled car parking spacesRight hand disabled car parking spacesIn addition to the correct signage and markings, Australian Standard AS2890.6 also specifies that this area should be protected by a bollard installed at a set position and height. This bollard would prevent vehicles entering the common area accidentally and risking harm to a disabled person who may not be visible or able to move quickly enough to avoid it.

It will also prevent anyone from using the common area as an extra parking space.

SHUG Permanent Bollards

SHUG Permanent Bollards are ideal for this purpose. They can be manufactured to the correct height of 1300mm above ground. They are also concrete filled during the installation to give them extra weight and strength.

Here’s one we installed recently:

Shug Permanent Bollards - perfect for disabled parking bays

They can also be used wherever you wish to prevent vehicular access, for health and safety, security, or privacy reasons.

Contact us today to find out more about how our range of SHUG bollards can protect you and your property.