The Bulldog - Collapsible Bollard

The Bulldog is Australia's strongest collapsible bollard. These quality fold down bollards can be relied on to withstand constant abuse.

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Durable Fold Down Bollards

The Bulldog is a man's collapsible bollard. Shug hasn’t messed around with this one, with absolutely no compromise on strength or performance. It's one tough bugger.

Try this on for size:

The base is a whopping 8mm thick − almost twice the thickness of most other fold down bollards you'll find.

The wall thickness of the upright is 5mm − way thicker than anything you'll find in your common garden variety bollard.

Total weight is 25kg, making it heavier and more durable than all those lightweights.

Why So Thick and Strong?

Shug wants to lay claim to Australia's toughest and strongest collapsible bollard. You can have peace of mind knowing that once this puppy is installed, you won’t have to worry about unauthorised vehicle entry, protection, safety or damage to you, your staff or property. It comes with an industry first lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee. Once one of these fold down bollards is bolted in, you'll never have to think about it again. Job done.

The Bulldog is a collapsible bollard that is far easier to use than any removable device. This means there's no need to store it during the day or have your admin staff carry it back and forth. It folds down out of the way or can be erected and ready to protect in seconds.

The Bulldog Bollard from Shug is perfect for:

  • Lane ways
  • Car parks
  • Roller doors
  • Driveways
  • Stopping unwanted access
Bulldog Collapsible Bollard

Specifications - The Bulldog

Total weight: 25kg
Lifting weight: 12kg
Dimensions: 150mm x 50mm x 5mm
Base Plate: 260mm x 260mm x 8mm (super tough)
Height: 1170mm
Material: 250 grade steel
Protection: Cad plated, galvanised and powder coated
Custom sizes: Not available
Colour: Safety Yellow

Collapsible Bollard
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