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Bollards by Shug are locally made, long lasting, super strong and come with a no BS guarantee. And just for good measure are reasonably priced (only a fraction more than those cheap imports). If you need some serious protection then Shug's Bollards are ideal.

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Premium Australian-Made Bollards in Melbourne

Next time you need premium bollards in Melbourne, don’t look past Shug Bollards. Not only are they locally made, long-lasting and super strong, but they come complete with a no BS guarantee. All of Shug’s bollards are also reasonably priced − only a fraction more than the cheap imports. If you need some serious protection, Shug's parking bollards are the ideal choice.

Bollards in Melbourne that Are Made to Last

No cheap imports here. Shug bollards are built right here by Shug in his Melbourne workshop. You can have faith that they’re Australia's strongest and most affordable bollard.

  • Long Lasting

    Shug’s bollards are built to last. Made from the best Australian steel products available, these stainless steel bollards won’t let you down and will look great for years to come. Shug never uses cheap or nasty products from overseas, maintaining the highest quality at all times.

  • Premium Service

    Shug is just as passionate about treating his customers properly as he is about bollards. With plenty of stock on hand, you can enjoy fast turnaround times across the most popular Shug bollards in Melbourne. If you need something custom made, this can usually be done within 7 to 10 days − maybe even sooner.

  • Guarantee

    The Shug guarantee promises you won’t find a better bollard at such a reasonable price. Shug stands behind his work and offers a warranty on all bollards, from the most affordable parking bollards through to the highest quality stainless steel bollards. All premium bollards come with a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind.

A Word from Shug

I live and breathe bollards. It's all I do...

Some people think I'm a little crazy. Maybe I am, but I take the construction of bollards very seriously. Each day I strive to make them stronger and more effective. Bollards can save lives and stop serious injury, so they need to be made with care and attention.

I hate cheap and nasty products. It upsets me to see poor welding or a job not finished to the proper standard. It almost makes me cry when I see bollards across Melbourne that can be pushed over by a shopping trolley.

I live by these principles each day: Use the best materials. Ensure super strong design. Support Australia. Deliver excellent service. Stand behind my product.

Discover the Complete Range of Shug Bollards

  • The Aussie All-Rounder

    This is the best value bollard Shug has ever made, making it the perfect Aussie all-rounder. It’s super strong but without all the bells and whistles of other designs. While it might be cheap, it’s certainly not nasty!

  • The Shug Rebound Bollard (SRB)

    With a simple design change that allows for movement, Shug’s rebound bollard reduces damage to vehicles as well as the bollard upon impact. This has made the standard bollard infinitely safer and more effective.

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Whether you’re after super-tough parking bollards, stylish stainless steel bollards or custom bollards in Melbourne, Shug has you covered. Get in touch today to learn more or request a quote that takes your specific needs into account.

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