Super Strong Bollards

Bollards by Shug are locally made, long lasting, super strong and come with a no BS guarantee. And just for good measure are reasonably priced (only a fraction more than those cheap imports). If you need some serious protection then Shug's Bollards are ideal.

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I live and breath bollards. It's all I do...

Some people think I'm a little crazy. Maybe I am, but I take the construction of bollards very seriously. Each day I strive to make them stronger and more effective. Bollards can save lives and stop serious injury - so they need to be made with care and attention.

I hate cheap and nasty products. It upsets me to see poor welding or a job not finished to the proper standard. It almost makes me cry when I see bollards that can be pushed over by a shopping trolley.

I live by these principles each day: The best material. Super strong design. Support Australia. Excellent service. Stand behind your product.

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