Improved Security with Eight Removable Bollards at Mornington Ford

Shug Bollards recently completed the installation of eight removable bollards at Mornington Ford to significantly enhance the dealership’s security measures. Despite having substantial electric gates, Mornington Ford has faced recurring issues with criminals managing to open and remove these gates to steal vehicles.

This busy car yard posed a challenge, making the installation process a bit longer than usual due to the constant flow of cars entering and exiting while the bollards were being installed. This marks the third occasion where Shug Bollards has installed security bollards at Mornington Ford, as the criminals keep finding weak areas to exploit.

Mornington Ford has consistently expressed their satisfaction with Shug Bollards’ services, and we continue to build a strong relationship with them, ensuring their premises remain secure.

By integrating these removable bollards, Mornington Ford aims to deter further criminal activities and protect their valuable inventory. Shug Bollards remains committed to providing top-notch security solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

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