Protect Your Gas Meter and Pipes with Permanent Bollards

When installing a gas pipe and meter anywhere near vehicular access, it makes sense to keep them protected from damage. Gas is an extremely useful commodity, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. You need to treat gas with respect.

With this in mind, regulations now dictate that permanent bollards should be installed to protect gas installations. Bolt-down (removable) bollards are not acceptable.  Gas companies will no longer connect gas unless these requirements are met.

It’s a sensible move.  After all, we’ve all seen fire doors (that should be kept shut) propped open to make life easier. It would be just as easy to leave a gas installation exposed after detaching a removable bollard and never getting around to putting it back again. Human nature at work.

It’s not just for gas either.  If your property has other external services, they should probably be protected too. Even if those services are not a danger to health, think of the inconvenience that damage would cause.

Protect your gas installation with a SHUG Permanent Bollard

SHUG Permanent Bollards Can Help

Actual regulations may vary from gas company to gas company, but that isn’t a problem at SHUG. Just tell us what your gas company needs, and in the unlikely event that we don’t already produce permanent bollards to suit, we can custom build some that do!

We can install the bollards for you too.  Your gas company can provide all of the specifications, and we will work to them.  You’ll have your gas connected and protected. It really is as simple as that.

At Shug, we don’t only provide permanent bollards. We also manufacture and install removable bollards. Perfect for any situation where you need to control vehicular movement, but don’t want to prevent it entirely. Car parking spaces, driveways, and yards for example.

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