Why a parking bollard is the ideal tool to stop car park theft

Today I want to talk about how you can stop your car park from being stolen. This subject is why I started making bollards in the first place and I reckon I know a thing or two about car park theft. So listen up, I’m here to help.

The worst thing you can do is nothing. If you get home from a long day at work and you constantly have some random car in your spot, then you have to do something about it. Unless it’s a one-off incident, chances are the scumbag(s) will keep doing it. And if you do nothing about it then you’re a glutton for punishment – your parking situation is going to be hit and miss and you’re not in control. Let’s get the odds in your favour…

The next best thing to do is install a sign.

Private Parking
No Parking Allowed
No Parking – Offending Cars Will Be Towed Away

These sorts of signs stop the really honest crook, but they’re almost useless because the kind of person who will steal your park doesn’t care. He couldn’t give a shit about the sign and he’ll pretend he didn’t see it – after all, it’s not like he is gunna go to jail or be fined for it. He needs a carpark, like now, and your vacant spot looks good to him. He doesn’t care that you’re paying top dollar for it. Doesn’t give a stuff. So he will (or maybe it’s a she – some women can be nasty too) keep parking where he isn’t meant to.

Wheel Clamps are illegal and unless you are looking for a fine or a criminal record, forget it. In my opinion wheel clamps aren’t worth the hassle. People will get really really really annoyed at having their pride and joy clamped – when they find out it’s illegal they may go the knuckle.

Carpark Bollards are the answer

This simple device lives inside your carpark (it’s bolted down with anchor bolts that are almost impossible to pull out, especially when installed properly). When your car is parked, the device is unlocked and your car rests over the top. When you leave for work (or wherever), you drive your car out, get out of the car and lock the bollard. (picture).

Now your carpark is secure and unlikely to be stolen. Here’s why:

– Car park thieves will take one look at your car spot and repeat the following words to themselves, “Too hard”. They will move on and go find a softer target

– You’re telling thieves not to mess with you and you mean business

– The car park bollard is super strong and secure. You can’t knock it over easily and the locking mechanism is tamper proof. So even if someone was adventurous enough to try, it’s unlikely they’ll succeed in getting in.

The only downside is having to get out of your car and lock the damn thing. This is a small price to pay to have the peace of mind to get home from the office and know before you get home that your car spot is going to be waiting for you. There’s less stress and you won’t have to go hunting for a prized car spot on the street.

What about private car parks?

Many modern housing apartments (and office complexes) use private car parks that are secure. All tenants have a remote to get inside and you’d think you wouldn’t have too much trouble with parking issues. Think again. Other tenants can let their friends, colleagues and family inside without too much hassle and your car park is up for the taking. Often theft in these private buildings is rife, with limited parking in prime locations. Don’t think a simple security gate is going to stop the rot – it doesn’t.

My body corporate is giving me grief, what can I do?

Your body corporate may give you some bullshit about occupational health and safety and/or insurance. They’ll tell you that you can’t install a bollard for a heap of reasons. Most of what they tell you is just waffle. Here’s the deal.

You are allowed to protect your property and your carpark is definitely your property. You can’t install anything that blocks traffic flow or could be a danger to other persons. But a parking bollard is just fine – it sits inside your park and nobody needs to go near it. In some instances you can sign a waver, but in most cases if you spell out your concerns the body corporate will come to the party and let you install a bollard.

If you’re still having trouble with your body corporate please contact me as I have a few more ideas up my sleeve.

Bottom line with car park theft it this,

A parking bollard is the cheapest, easiest and most effective way of protecting your car spot. It deters theft and moves the problem onto someone else. Get back in control. Get a parking bollard.

Call me to discuss your needs.

Shug (I hate body corporates) Strachan

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