Warning: Read this before you buy a cheap bollard from China

This is not a complete bash on imported products from China. Some items are fantastic and many factories in China have gotten their act together. And I think lots of Chinese manufacturers are realising it’s cheaper in the long run to make quality products.

But you still have to be careful. Take this bollard I recently found in a garden where I was doing an install job in Hawthorn.

This is a broken Chinese bollard

This thing is a disgrace. Unless you’re using it for a decoration it’s utterly useless. Because of the cast iron base it would not withstand any sort of force. It would just fracture or break away. In fact, you could almost push it over with a shopping trolley, maybe that’s why it was in the garden and not in a car park where it should be.

A broken lock on a Chinese bollard

And the welds! As a master welder this makes me sick. They look like the person welding this bollard was trying to set a world record for the worst job ever. Either that, or they were done by a machine that needed recalibration. It’s not a good job which ever way you look at it. You can see in the photo that the locking tag has snapped right off because of the poor welds.

Granted. It would of looked nice when it was new. The paint job covers up a lot of the imperfections but this isn’t gunna last long once it gets wet. This bollard was only a few months old and it is total useless.

Pity, because quality galvanising or plating would have solved the rust issue and kept the unit looking good for years.

Here’s my advice if you’re looking for a cheap bollard made in China.

Do your research. It the unit made out of quality steel? You need a minimum of 4mm steel. Has it been tested? Will it do what you need it to do? Does it come with a guarantee? Is the locking mechanism rust proof and rated to withstand a minor knock? And most importantly of all, can a local guy install it properly for you?

If you don’t know the answers to these problems then buyer beware. I wouldn’t trust my safety to this device and neither should you.

For a little extra money you can get the peace of mind that you’re buying quality. Plus there’s the lifetime guarantee, you’re supporting Australia and you get to see my good looks in person when I come to install it. Don’t buy rubbish and don’t make a stupid decision based on quality. If the quality is the same then always buy the cheaper version. But sometimes there’s no comparison.

Call me today on 1300 786 652 or visit my bollard product page to see the full family.

Shug “Happy to buy stuff from China, but only if it’s made properly” Strachan

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