Rebound Bollards needed for McDonalds

Dropped into McDonalds yesterday for a quick lunch. I can’t help it, but I see bollards all the time and the bollard pictured below smacked me right between the eyes.

Damaged Bollard

McDonald damaged bollard

There’s no doubt this bollard has had a hard life. Been hit by cars and trucks and from the look of it I reckon it has been replaced more than once. Don’t get me wrong – the install on this job was perfect, it’s just the bollard wasn’t able to handle all the attention.

Repairing and fixing this kind of thing is expensive. I know Maccas can afford it but there is a solution to bollards that are in high traffic areas and get impacted by heavy vehicles.

My latest invention is the Rebound Bollard – a simple but highly effective option. Unlike other bollards on the market, the Rebound Bollard has been designed to tackle impacts – even from large trucks.

A rebound bollard

How a rebound bollard works

This baby has a specially hardened rubber membrane that allows the bollard to stay in the upright position. When the bollard gets hit the rubber membrane compresses, causing the bollard to tilt over – alerting the driver that he has hit something. Once the vehicle has moved away from the bollard the bollard will snap back into the upright position.

I see bollards all the time being pulled from the ground or knocked over due to vehicle impact. Not only does this cause damage to the bollard but to the vehicle too. This is where my rebound bollards comes into play. It minimises damage to the bollard and vehicles and limits expensive repair costs.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering or getting more info on the rebound bollard please let me know. I’ll have some new stock shortly so please contact me on 0402 178 986 or click here

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