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I’ve just got back from meeting with Nick, a small business owner whose factory is in Bayswater, Victoria. Nick wants to stop the likelihood of Ram Raiders destroying his property and has been motivated into action because a neighbouring company was Ram Raided last month, causing almost $30,000 damage. They stole stock and made a mess of the place. Nick is concerned that he could be next and wanted some advice on the best way to protect his premises.

Here’s the rundown on Nick’s factory: He has a roller door as the main access point and glass window and door. All three entry points are susceptible to ram raiding.

I suggested he install two in-ground removable bollards to protect the roller door and in front of the door and window a permanent bollard would do best. Nick wasn’t thrilled with these suggestions, saying that bolt down bollards would do the trick. I don’t agree with him and here’s a snapshot of our conversation.

Nick: Shug, can’t I use bolted bollards? These are a lot cheaper aren’t they?

Me: You really need something stronger. Bolted bollards won’t withstand the impact of a ram raid.

Nick: But the last guy that gave me a quote said they’d be fine.

Me: The last guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’m telling ya, to stop ram raiders you need something super secure and the permanents are the only way. I can almost guarantee you that he’s trying to sell you some cheap and cheerful stuff from China. This is fine if you’re on a really tight budget and not too concerned about protection – this cheap crap really only acts as a deterrent.

Nick: Oh. But aren’t these permanent bollards going to be more expensive?

Me: Yes and it comes down to how serious you are. As you saw from the factory down the street, ram raiding causes all sorts of grief, the place was a mess and it’s a huge inconvenience. Please keep in mind that you’re not comparing apples to apples.

My stuff is locally made and designed to stop the impact of a fast moving car. My ram raiding bollard will stop a car dead in its tracks. The cheap stuff will fold like a pack of cards. There’s no comparison and at the end of the day you’ve gotta make a decision on what it’s worth to you to stop these bastards getting access to your factory.

Nick: Ok, let me think about it…

Nick called a few days later looking for a discount. Sorry, but I don’t discount stuff. I’m not in the business of selling cheap and cheerful crap and I don’t play the “lowest prices” game. All my products are at a fair price and I back everything up with a guarantee. I understand that a lot of consumers shop solely on price and many people have been convinced that lowest prices also equals quality. I think many people need a reality check.

The good news is that Nick came to the party. He knew he was getting a good deal and he was only trying to get me for a few bucks. I held firm and this will be a win-win situation. Nick got a ram raid proof factory and I got compensated properly for my work.

I love it when business works like this. If you have any questions about ram raiding or would like me to take a look at your factory (or place of work) then let me know. And by the way, it’s a lot cheaper than you think to properly protect your workspace.

If you have any questions you can contact me directly on 0402 178 986 or by clicking here

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