Pakenham Shopping Centre Installs The Shug Shock Absorbing Bollard

Cardinia Lakes Shopping Centre – Pakenham installs The Shug Shock Absorbing Bollard

Below are some photos of The Shug Shock Absorbing Bollards that were installed into Cardinia Lakes Shopping Centre in Pakenham. These Shock Absorbing Bollards were installed to stop vehicles hitting the retaining wall behind the bollards. I needed to place 2 beams between each Shock Absorbing Bollard so no vehicles could sneak between the bollards and hit the retaining wall. The Shock Absorbing Bollards are doing their job and the retaining wall has not been struck by any vehicles since the Shock Absorbing Bollards have been installed.

If you have any questions or need any help with my Shug Shock Absorbing Bollard please contact me directly on 0402 178 986 or via email here.

Rebound-Bollard-1-web Rebound-Bollard-2-web Rebound-Bollard-3-web Rebound-Bollard-4-web Rebound-Bollard-5-web

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