Melbourne bollard install to protect expensive gates

Was out over the Westgate today, in Laverton for a bollard install job. The job was to stop trucks from damaging the company gates. Can you believe that professional truck drivers would be hitting the gates? Hard to believe, but I suppose anything is possible when you have large vehicles entering a fairly tight driveway.

The frustrating thing for the business owner was they had previously installed bolted down bollards but the truckies couldn’t see them. They’d come tearing into the carpark and rip the bollards right out – not even noticing. Each little incident was costing the company up to $3000 to fix any damage to the gates. What a debacle!

The solution was a similar strategy but with a little bit more thought. I’ve installed thicker and more prominent bollards. These beauties are 165mm in diameter (bloody strong) and they’re concreted into the ground to a depth of 600mm. Added to this these bollards protrude an eye smacking 1500mm out of the ground. You can’t miss them and I’m more than confident that these truck drivers will be able to see them.

If not they’ll know about it. These new bollards are better than strong and if a stray truck hits one the driver will get the fright of his life. It’s unlikely any of these bollards will be ripped from the ground.

The key to solving the damage to the gates was to make the bollards more visible. I’m convinced that most truck drivers are better than average drivers and they don’t knock things over for the fun of it. They simply couldn’t see what was in front of them and so this warning device was deemed useless.

I’ll let you know how things go here but I’m sure the problem is now solved. If you have problems with stray trucks or any other carpark issues then maybe a bollard of some sort of protection device is needed. Give me a yell if you think I can be of help.

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Permanent Bollard Protects Gate

Bollards Protecting Gates

Bollards Protecting Gates 2

Permanent Bollard Protecting Gates

These Bollards Are Protecting Trucks From Damaging The Gates

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