Definitive Guide to Bollard Pricing

It’s a real pain in the arse when you go to a website and they don’t list their pricing. It’s like they’re hiding something from their customers or they’re too scared to share this information with their competitors.

But not here at I’m here to help and I want to give you the full story on my bollard pricing. I’ve got nothing to hide and don’t care what my competitors think. Plus, it’s the information age, we should be sharing our knowledge freely.

The only thing I need to be upfront about the following prices is this:

They’re a guide. They were correct at the time of publishing and I do my best to keep them up to date. But things may vary if you;

– want multiple bollards (you’ll most likely get a cheaper cost per unit price)
– need installation (installation costs extra)
– want shipping (I can’t supply you a shipping price just yet. Best we wait till we get your complete order and know your postcode)
– need some special modification. (Just not possible to cover every possible angle with your bollard needs. You may want them gold coated and that’s gunna cost a little more)

With that in mind, just go to my product page and click on the product your interested in and you will find a price there.

As always, if you have any questions about your needs or want a firm price on your bollard purchase, then don’t be scared to contact me.

About The Author


I’ve been a metal fabricator and metal artist for years. If it can be made from metal then I’m your man. My family thinks I’m the “Mr. Fix it” person in the family and I suppose I am.