5 Essential Decisions You Need To Know Before Buying a Bollard

I love my customers. I really do. Nothing pleases me more than helping someone get a quality made bollard and solving their safety/parking issue.

But I’ve been getting a lot of calls lately from shoppers looking to buy on price. I can typically spot them a mile away. The conversation usually goes a bit like this.

Phone rings…

Me: Hello, Shug bollards

Customer: Hi, I’m looking at buying a bollard. What do you have?

Me: It depends on what you’re trying to do mate. Safety, parking bollards, ram raiding bollards. I’ve got the lot here.

Customer: I need to protect my car park.

Me: Those nasty thieves stealing you car park are they?

Customer: Something like that.

Me: Well, my Rock Parking Bollard is the ideal unit for you. It’s stronger than a brick shithouse and is guaranteed for 15 years. I’ll even install it for you so you know it’s done right. How does this sound?

Customer: Ummm

It’s at this moment I know he’s gunna be a price shopper. I’ve solved his problem right then and there but the hesitation gives it away. He’s gunna ask for the price and then say “I can get it cheaper on Ebay”. Let’s see what happens…

Customer: mmmmm. How much does it cost?

Me: It’s $220 for the unit and $100 for the installation. I can have it installed for you by Wednesday this week. Problem solved and no more stolen car park.

Customer: It’s kinda expensive. I saw some on Ebay and they’re only $75.00

Me: This Ebay Model you are thinking of buying is not rust proof and the locking system will fail in a few months after it is exposed to the elements. It will fall over like a deck of cards.

Conversation over. Look, I don’t mind you shopping on price. We all do it. But what you have to know is that price shopping is only good when you’re comparing apples to apples. It’s not a fair fight when you’re comparing Fort Knox to a house of cards.

And this is why I go to so much trouble explaining why I think Shug Bollards are a better deal. At the risk of repeating myself, here are 5 things you need to be sure of before purchasing a bollard.

#1: Is it made from quality steel? I’m gunna keep saying this until I’m blue in the face. 2mm steel for bollard production is not good. They need to be 4mm at the very least and 5mm + is best. All my bollards are minimum of 4mm, for example The Rock Parking Bollard has a 50mm X 50mm X 4mm thick upright and the base plate is made from 5mm mild steel. It’s bullet-proof and can withstand being driven over by a 1 tonne ute. Thick steel makes them as strong as an ox and incredibly unlikely to be damaged, both accidental and deliberate.

#2: Has it been welded correctly? I know you’re not a welder (or it’s unlikely) but it’s imperative that your unit has been put together correctly. If the welding is messy and all over the shop, it is usually a sign it has been welded in a rush.

Poor welding leads to cracks and once this happens the integrity of the unit is compromised. Not here to go bashing all of the welders out there, but often, the cheap units have been welded by someone who lacks the care or responsibility. Most likely both.

#3: Do they come with a guarantee? I think all important purchases should come with a guarantee. And I’m not talking about some token thing to please the authorities. I’m all for giving the customer complete piece of mind and offer a 15 year guarantee on my bollards. If, by some fluke of nature, one of my bollards gets damaged then I’ll replace it. There’s no bitching and moaning on my part. It’s part of being in business and I’m happy to wear the cost (if it happens frequently then my bullshit signal will go off and we may need to come to another arrangement).

But so many companies are happy to take your money and never want to hear from you. I want you to tell me if you’re not happy. I want to learn and make you happy. So please ensure (beg if you have to) you get a guarantee.

#4: Can it get installed properly? There’s no point having the world’s best security system if you forget to turn it on. Same with installation. I advise against installing your bollard yourself, unless you have the right equipment and a little knowledge about the surface you are bolting it to. Not all surfaces you can drill and bolt bollards too. Also be aware of cheap tools you can buy from your local hardware store. They will tell you how easy it is to use and do it yourself, then, sell you a cheap drill that is totally useless.

#5: Make sure you have the right bollard for the job. I have a wide range of bollards and I am more than happy to sell you a bollard, but I refuse to sell you a bollard that won’t do the job. Please tell me what the purpose of your bollard is being used for and I can guide you in the right direction. Don’t think any question is silly and please don’t be embarrassed to ask. In most cases the questions you think are stupid are exactly the ones to ask.

These are 5 essential things you need to be aware of before making any bollard purchase. Get these right and you’ll almost always get the right bollard for the job.

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Shug “I spend too much time with bollards” Strachan

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