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Let Shug guide the way with precisely aligned line markings that help to ensure driver and pedestrian safety.

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Line Marking Services

Line Marking Services in Melbourne


Stuck with faded car park lines? Having trouble guiding your customers in to right parking spots? Don’t fret any-more. Shug has the perfect solution for you - a professional line marking service. We can transform your faded lines into clear, well defined and easy to see lines so that your customers can easily find their way to the right parking areas. We also provide custom car park markings like disabled or private parking spots for you or your visitors. Rely on us to better your car park’s functionality with arrows, entry and no entry or road stencils. Entering, parking and exiting your car park will become a breeze for you or your visitors.

Line Marking Services Shug Provides

  • Road Line Marking
  • Warehouse Line Marking
  • Sports Court Line Marking
  • Car Park Line Marking
  • Parking Lot Line Marking
  • School Line Marking
  • Civil Construction Line Marking
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  • Custom Stencils

Paint Specifactions

Brand: Dulux ROADMASTER® A1
Drying Time: Touch dry in 5 minutes and handling time in 10 minutes (25° C)
Surfaces: Concrete and Bitumen surfaces without bleeding or discolouration
Recommended: marking roadways, car parks and pavements where long term durability is required, typically in shopping centres, drive-in theatres, factories and warehouse floors
Colour: Please contact me to find out about our range of colours. Click Here
Key Features: Highly durable, low dusting for sharp line edges, high build suitable for reflective glass beads and extensively used throughout Australia


Parking Line Marking Services
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