The Big Bastard Bollard

Want Serious Protection? Get The Big Bastard

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Sometimes standard type bollards won't cut the mustard. Sometimes you need something stronger. Enter The Big Bastard (TBB).

TBB is the strongest bollard I can make. It's a serious bollard aimed at those who want the strongest type of protection. I've cut no corners with the construction of this beast.

It's wall thickness is 9.5mm and has a diameter of 320mm. You can either bury it deep into the ground and fill with concrete - giving it the ultimate strength. Or, I can add a base plate and be bolted to the ground.

Make no mistake TBB is one tough bollard. It has been manufactured to QA Standard AS/ISO 9001 rigorous standards and will stop almost anything DEAD in it's tracks.

I've made this bad boy for airports, banks, petrol stations and government buildings in mind. If you want serious protection TBB has got you covered.

He weighs an impressive 74kg (per meter) and will protect your property from all sorts of situations - even terrorist attacks. TBB is galvanised against rust and will stand proud, protecting your premises 24/7 for many years.

I make TBB to order. Installation time varies but in most instances I can complete a full installation within two weeks.

Please contact me to discuss TBB in further detail.

  • Anti Terrorism
  • Loading Bay Protection
  • Stops Heavy Vehicle Attacks
  • Ultimate Ram Raiding Protection

Specifications - The Big Bastard

Weight: 74Kg per meter
Diameter: 320mm
Height: From 1200mm
Material: Steel QA Standard AS/ISO 9001
Protection: Galvanised
Custom sizes: Available upon request
Colours: Custom colours available

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