Local businesses solve parking problem thanks to SHUG Removable Bollards

Inconsiderate parking can be a problem for anyone. For two companies in Windsor, it was proving to be a real nightmare.

On most mornings they would find unauthorised cars in their parking bays. There was often no space for their own vehicles and no way of contacting the owners to remove them. Deliveries were also much more difficult, as incoming vehicles were unable to get right to the goods entrance.

Thankfully the ideal solution was at hand.

Shug Removable Bollards

While keeping unwanted vehicles away was the primary objective, it was obviously essential to be able to allow access to cars and larger vehicles when required. For this reason, SHUG Removable Bollards were the perfect answer.

3 removable bollards installed as a protective boundary

We installed three bollards at the premises to form a protective boundary around the parking and delivery area. The clients use a heavy chain to connect them, and padlock it into place. They can remove the chain to allow authorised parking. They can also remove one or more of the bollards to give access to larger vehicles too.

Consequently, the parking problem has been completely resolved!

Our removable bollards lock into place easily and securely. Each one is keyed individually, but you can opt for identical keys for all removable bollards if you prefer.

Do you have a problem with unauthorised parking? Perhaps at your home or business premises. Call SHUG Bollards today for advice, and a free, no obligation quote.