Removable and Permanent Bollards at Ringwood North Primary School

Shug Removable Bollards

Ringwood North Primary School take the health and safety of pupils and staff very seriously. They contacted us for help, and we were delighted to be of service.

Firstly, they were concerned that any vehicles entering the site could drive right into the school grounds unchecked. Whilst most drivers are careful and considerate, whenever vehicles and people share the same space there is always an elevated risk of harm. When young children are involved, even more so.

To mitigate this we installed a series of SHUG Removable Bollards. They will prevent any unauthorised vehicular access whilst locked in place, but if required, they can be unlocked and removed to allow authorised access.

These bollards are easy to see, and are quick and easy to use:


Shug Permanent Bollards

Secondly, we advised on two SHUG permanent Bollards to be installed on site.

The first permanent bollard was installed in a bus zone to create a safe area and protect buildings and pedestrians. Once in place, it was filled with concrete for extra strength and weight.

The second permanent bollard was installed in the same way, and placed in the common area between two disabled parking spaces (as required by law in all new car parks). It provides added protection to disabled people as they enter and exit their vehicles, and also prevents people from parking in the space between bays.

Permanent Bollards at Ringwood North Primary School