Ram Raiders Think Again

There you are, running your small retail shop and doing quite nicely. You’ve worked hard to get things where they are today. Your blood, sweat and tears have gone into this business, and you’re proud of the result. Your hard work has paid off, and you have many repeat customers.

Then, one day, someone decides to help themselves to your stock. Stock that YOU have paid for. So they ram raid your premises to gain entry leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. That is precisely what happened to a convenience store in Doreen recently.

In this particular case, the store had bollards outside, but there weren’t quite enough of them leaving a weak point. This gap was exploited, and a vehicle was driven straight through a full height window.

The thieves were targeting cigarettes. Unfortunately for them, they managed to pin the shelves between the wall and their vehicle, so they left empty-handed (no one said ram-raiders were intelligent!). Sadly, the good news ended there. The thieves may not have succeeded in taking anything away, but they left considerable devastation in the attempt.

The fabric of the building was seriously compromised and in need of urgent repair. Stock was littered all over the place, and much of it was damaged. The whole scene was a complete mess.

That ram raid attack did $50,000 worth of damage, and the store was actually closed for three days. During that time, customers had to shop elsewhere. Who knows how many of them won’t be returning because they have started to shop with a competitor?

Ram Raiders Beware

We performed a survey on-site, and recommended a combination of SHUG permanent and removable bollards. Our speciality!

These protective bollards were installed to form a cordon, but in a way that allows vehicular access when required. The Removable Bollards can be unlocked and disengaged easily, and the Permanent Bollards are completely solid.

Any would-be ram raiders will think twice before trying their luck at this store in future. Yet another happy client!

Protect Your Property with SHUG Bollards

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